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One night in Cape Cod

I drove from Providence, RI to Provincetown, MA. The ride up there was picture perfect. Wind turbines are so cool to see in person, just spinning away in the distant. I took a little pit stop at a road stop, because I really needed to rest my arms. It was also great taking a breather and nibbling on my dried snacks.

Then it was back on the highway for me!

It felt like it was taking a long time to get up to Provincetown. I kept passing all the little cape towns on the way, wondering if I am even close to my destination.

Driving into Provincetown was quite picturesque; rows of beautiful homes off the highway surrounded by dunes on both sides. It was like something out of dream... no really, I think I dreamed I been there before.

Well, driving through downtown was a bit hectic. The roads are really small, and there are so many people walking up and down on Commercial Street. Lucky for me, the inn wasn't really far down.

The inn I stayed at was really charming. My room was quaint and small, but still plenty room for just me. I adored the beautiful large windows with green venetian blinds. My room had a little sink that was really convenient, because the bathroom was shared with other guests on the same floor.

After getting settled, it was time to go out on the town. I went in some beach shops, with the typical fun things like tie-dye shirts, incenses...The other shops I went to were more or less the same.

My main mission was to find food! I wanted really fresh seafood. After walking up & down Commercial I decided to go to Beatys.

I got a great lemon drink, just the cool down I needed. It was pretty empty at the bar area, with just a couple from Jersey & the bartender. We all struck up a conversation about P-town and what brought us here. I was told to go to Key West because the party scene is really out of this world. So I might think about making a trip down there eventually. My food was really good. The bartender gave a me a run down about where to go at night.

After my meal, I went back to the inn. They are really good about lending out bikes. I haven't been on a bike since forever! I guess I would say it's been at least twelve good years....

So I had an interesting ride. I rode in swivels down Commercial, I wanted to bike to the beach. I ran into some nice townies. I didn't actually run into them, thank goodness, because I did have some close calls with people and cars.

I stopped at Pilgrims Park for quick stop. Then I biked up the highway to Herring Cove. It was really a pleasant ride. There were high dunes off the side of one winding road.

Then I took a bike path to the beach. I did run into a little median, it came out of nowhere. I did see it from a far but couldn't steer the bike the other way. Luckily no one was around to see it, I definitely did the whole looking over my shoulder thing. Phew.

I parked my bike on a bike rack. Then went down a sandy path to the water. It was a radiant view, the sun was just starting to set. I found some really great shells on the beach. The water was icy cold, I knew it was going to be. But what's the point of going to the beach if you're not going to step your little toes in there.

I didn't stay to watch the entire sunset, because I didn't want to bike in the dark. I was already bumping into medians at day, I could only imagine how night biking would be for me.

I got back to the inn, in good time. It was cool seeing the same nice townies on the way back to town.

Then I went to a bar. It was a lot of fun going to a local bar. I haven't had calamari in forever!! ! My bartender was great.. can I add quite cute as well. He made me a pretty strong drink. He said he likes to make them as strong as he can without them tasting like crap. See, he's a charmer!

Then it was back to the inn for me, for much needed sleep since I had to be back in Providence by noon.

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