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Mentally Preparing for a Solo Trip

I needed to take a trip and get away from everything, break up my routine. I desperately needed fun & adventure. I kept putting trips off because I didn't have anyone to go with. The thought of travelling alone sounded intimidating. I had a truckload of worries. Would I be lonely & miserable?Would I just stay in my room & not sightsee?

I knew I was going to go to New England. I have friends in Providence, RI that I haven't seen since college, so I wanted to reconnect. I have a lot of great memories in Providence. It did feel very spontaneous & spur of the moment booking the flights without thinking it over & over. I did feel a rush of emotions after I booked the flight. I felt elated and nervous. I did come down from my cloud a bit after, like OMG! I'm really going. Should I?

It was too late to second guess it, the rooms on Airbnb were booked. So then I just had the task of mentally preparing for the trip. I needed a set itinerary so each day I had a plan of what I wanted to accomplish whether it was simple or grandeur. I think that was the most important part of keeping me moving forward.

My advice for fellow anxious soon-to-be solo travelers:

1. Figure out where you want to go. Where do you see yourself? I would recommend the first trip be kind of practical. I would suggest staying in your own country, a familiar ground. It's really important you feel comfortable as much as you can. Yeah, it's great to take reason. But, don't feel like you need to do the extreme for the sake of adventure. I envisioned lounging in India Pointe Park, Providence with a good novel & picnic.

2. Make a plan! It's so important to have a plan! Each day write out a list of places you want to go. I set my days around a location. I had a Providence Day, Boston Day...etc. Then I had little things and sights I wanted to do in each place. Sure, wandering without a plan sounds fun, but it can actually be overwhelming. So keep a flexible itinerary!

3. Be comfortable alone. Go out alone before the trip!! If it still feels weird eating out alone or having a drink alone at a bar, then go out to eat by yourself enough times that it doesn't feel weird anymore. Go watch a movie solo, it's fun watching what you really want to see.

4. Be Social. I enjoy travelling during the week. A lot of attractions are less crowded, so a little bit less pressure about being alone. Remember most people travel alone for business trip. Your business is just to have fun!

Want to get chatty? You can find a few professionals at hotels bars. Also, think about staying in a hostel/airbnb. I had a shared room & met a cool person from Houston. Go on Meetups! Some meetups are cool about you hanging out on trivia night! Check first before the trip! Stay connected to friends & family on social media apps. I was snapping away on my trip!

5. Don't worry. I know it's not so easy to do when you have anxiety. You're going to have a blast though!! You will look back and say WOW! I did it. Also, pack some anxiety relief tips in your arsenal. I use peaceful breathing, to melt away travel jitters.

Have any tips to share with me?! Where would you take the ultimate solo trip to?

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