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A Day in Boston

I headed out for boston around noon. I walked to the Providence Train Station. Purchased my train ticket, and the train was already outside boarding. I had great timing! It was a nice ride aboard the MBTA, passing through a few picture perfect towns.

I didn't have anything set in stone for Boston, besides taking a tour, one that preferably is a jump on & off. Can I add thank goodness for Google Map. I didn't want to look like a total tourist on my solo trip in the big city.

I love BOSTON!! I like the bustle, the history, buildings, the shopping! I had fun walking through downtown, avoiding the likes of h&M, PRIMARK, keeping my head low & eyes forward.

I walked through Boston Commons. Which is a lovely park. I am big on parks at the moment, that's my typical day out. There were people littered on the lush grass, and seated in front of a food truck.

I took a little seat on the bench, to rest my back & take in the scenery. Then I walked to the Visitor Center, which is in front of the commons.

I ordered my tour tickets, and walked towards the Capital to reach my trolley.

The trolley tour was fine. I did it before years ago. I was able to take great photos in the back of the trolley.

I did go a little picture crazy, to the point that I got really tired of taking photos. That probably would of been a good time to take a break, but I had to let the sight madness continue. And boy, did I see a lot of things!!

I went to Fanueill. I knew I would end up there. It's food madness, anything you have a taste for is there. I am a Shark Tank fan so it was cool to see two businesses that Mr. Wonderful invested in.

Then I did a little bit more of shopping. I didn't do too bad actually.

By then it was, time to walk back to the train station to catch my train back to Providence. I made plans to see my friend later that evening. I havent' seen him since I left college, years back! It was great catching up. I got to meet his lovely wife & son. We went to Federal Hill, it's an Italian neighborhood in West side of Providence. We went to a really nice eatery called Nami. The sushi & drinks were great! Everything I needed after a long eventful day. ...

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